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My Impressions of salt-ssh

I’ve done a search and there seem to be a large number of issues related to salt-ssh usability with non-root users. I’d like to understand more about the perceived use case from Salt’s perspective and give some feedback. Perceived use case salt-ssh seems to be an answer to Ansible and Fabric where the ssh transport from a single laptop is useful for a system administrator to maintain a smaller set of infrastructure.

Testing CloudFormation Templates with Ansible

There are many variations and combinations of AWS products and services that lend the platform to great flexibility and customization. We work hard to evaluate these combinations and put forth a collection of best practices for our customers to follow. One of these best practices is the use of CloudFormation templates. My team maintains a series of standard CloudFormation templates for our customers to use. Part of that maintenance includes updating those templates and testing them for functionality.

Texas Linux Fest 2015

I will be speaking at Texas Linux Fest this year. My talk will be about Consul, the service discovery tool from HashiCorp. I’m scheduled for Saturday, August 22nd at 1:30 PM in Room 3. Talk Materials: Slides Demo Repo SaltStack Repo Here is the full schedule for the conference. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Checking and Restarting a Modem

My ISP is less than reliable so I decided to automate my modem restarts. I’m using a Motorola SB6141 and I can access a web based interface at Using a combination of curl, grep, and sed, I was able to scrape the necessary pages to get information about the modem’s status. The script then checks the status and restarts the modem if it detects a fault. The script uses curl to GET a specific URL with the necessary parameters.

Ansible Certified Engineer

Today I was a guest on Rackspace Cloud Office Hours talking about my recent Ansible Certified Engineer certification. There is a great article on the Rackspace Blog with a Recap. Here is the recording of the Hangout: