Pyrax Container Sync Update

Less data transfer.

My initial draft of the script used in my automation deleted all the contents of a Cloud Files container, and then re-uploaded this content. This process was inefficient and also caused issues loading the site while this process was running.

I have now updated this script to use the new sync_folder_to_container method from pyrax. This method was introduced to pyrax in this commit. Make sure you update your pyrax modules before using this new script.

pip install --upgrade pyrax

I identified this problem in Issue #4, and you can find the code changes in the following commits:

There is an interesting issue in pyrax where the default encoding doesn’t seem to be set if you aren’t using a pyrax.cfg. Make sure you leave the default encoding setting, or you will run into this problem as well.

You can download the new and get started with this more efficient process.

Update: You might want to check out turbolift for your Cloud Files uploading needs. You can see usage in my circle.yml.