F-150 Lightning Event

I was invited to the Ford F-150 Lightning event here in Denver, CO. I got to ride along in the new Lightning and get an up close and personal look. They also had an E-Transit on site as well. Test Ride Let’s start with the most exciting part. After registration, I walked straight over to the test ride tent. Unfortunately, I was prohibited from recording anything inside the vehicle during the test ride.

The Go Programming Language

I was fortunate to receive a review copy of The Go Programming Language by Alan A. A. Donovan and Brian W. Kernighan. The following is my review of this book based on my limited experience with Golang. I’m new to Go. I’ve only been through the excellent Tour of Go. This Tour gives you a great hands on trial of Go but leaves out some of the more complex topics that are covered by Donovan and Kernighan’s book.

My Impressions of salt-ssh

I’ve done a search and there seem to be a large number of issues related to salt-ssh usability with non-root users. I’d like to understand more about the perceived use case from Salt’s perspective and give some feedback. Perceived use case salt-ssh seems to be an answer to Ansible and Fabric where the ssh transport from a single laptop is useful for a system administrator to maintain a smaller set of infrastructure.

Using a Tablet as a Laptop Replacement

I’ve been using a tablet as a laptop replacement for the past week. These are my thoughts concerning my experiences with the current state of Android on a ThinkPad Tablet. The feature of my typical Linux laptop I missed the most on Android were floating windows. Android makes you focus on a single task, for better or worse when considering your work flow. I often reference documentation and articles when I’m working on a new project or a complex issue.

Fedora 18 and Host Name Dashes

I ran into an interesting problem today when installing the newly released Fedora 18. It was quite annoying, so I wanted to document it here. Using the new installer, I configured my computer’s host name to on the network setup page. After I finished the installation, I noticed my host name was still the default localhost.localdomain. I tried the usual tricks to set the host name, but all the following tactics failed: