Keeping your Files Safe with Dropbox

Backup your files!

Everyone has a collection of documents and pictures that are important to them. Don’t make the mistake of not backing up these files.

Dropbox Logo

I keep all of my music, pictures, and important files in Dropbox. You receive 2 GB of storage free (plus a small bump of free space if you use my referral link.) Once you install Dropbox and choose your folder location, make sure you put all of your important files in the Dropbox Folder.

Dropbox keeps a revision history of your files, and allows you to easily share files and photos with other people. Install Dropbox on all your computers, and the folder will stay in sync. This tool is cross platform as well, so Windows, Mac, and Linux are all welcome. There are also mobile apps as well.

With all of your important stuff on Dropbox, you’ll never have to worry about backups again!