Strong Passwords are Easy with KeePassX


Strong passwords are important, today more than ever. Clever passwords like “Password123”, “hunter2”, and just the letter “a” just won’t cut it anymore. How can someone create strong passwords, use a different one for every account they have, and still remember them all? KeePassX is the answer.



KeePassX is a password database. It allows you to create an encrypted database file to hold all of your passwords. You unlock this database with a single master password. Since you choose where to save this database file, this tool has an edge over cloud based password tools like LastPass. It also has tools that allow you to generate really secure and random passwords.

Take a second and think about your most complicated password. How many characters is it? Does it have a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols? How long did it take you to memorize that password? Do you use the same password across multiple sites, including your bank and email?

Think the passwords at the top of the post are good enough? Here is how long it would take your average desktop PC to crack those passwords

  • Password123 - 412 years (easily guessable though!)
  • hunter2 - 19 seconds
  • a - 0.0000000065 seconds

Here is a sample of passwords I can randomly generate and save in KeePassX in seconds. How long for these?

  • ’[A`^w1XF,H8mo|9TItA - 35 sextillion years
  • ;Cu[vup\wGuktzf8z|d* - 35 sextillion years
  • TGp%Z"68R@x?LkJjS&gq - 35 sextillion years

As you can see, strong passwords are important. Type in your favorite password, and see how long you have until someone can crack it.

Backup your database

You are using Dropbox to backup your important files, aren’t you? Place your password database in Dropbox, and you’ll never lose it again. Now you only have two passwords to remember. Your Dropbox password, and your KeePassX password.

Using KeePassX on Mobile

Do you have a smart phone? KeePassX is cross platform and supports the two major smart phone players. KeePassDroid and MiniKeePass should be useful after you install Dropbox on your phone as well. Now you can reference your passwords anywhere you can take your phone.

I hope you will rethink your password strategy, and start using a password manager today!